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Change user email on local Wordpress instance (without verification)

For those wondering how to skip the vrification process when you try to change your own (or possibly other) users' email address on a local wp instance -- when it reads "email change request pending" in your profile page: depending on your machine/server/php/network config, the emails may not be being sent, so the solution is simply to go in the database. Change the address directly from wp-users. Voila!

The "Tech" People

I can't help to have mixed feelings when people use the term "tech" guy, person, team, etc etc with regards to technology specialists of any sort --in my case software, often web dev. Do people mean only to use it as an abbreviation, to shorten pronunciation time? Are they simply confused about the correct and complete way to refer to different kinds of technical or technological professions? Or is it actually a strange and derogatory suggestion?

I think some people, probably insecure about their lack of knowledge with technology, find the term tech a convenient reduction of technologist because "tech." is an ambiguous abbreviation of both /technolog(y|ist)/ and /technic(al)/ (those are regexes, not phonemes). First of all, there's absolutely nothing belittling about technical professions, that's some sort of self re-assuring 19th century miss-conception of the social value of crafts and guilds. However there is a relevant difference between the usage …

How I made a new T-mobile SIM card work on iPhone 4S with my "New GPP" unlocker card

My situation. I have an iPhone 4S from Mexico. It's carrier locked to Iusacell.

My previous setup was that I got one of the newer gpp chips (idk if its pro, turbo, or what, it only says "new") and put it in with an AT&T prepaid originally. The gpp menu came up and I entered the locked carrier's IMSI, which worked. But my AT&T plan didn't offer cellular data so I wanted to switch to the $30 unlimited text & data plan from T-Mobile USA.
Long story I ordered T-Mobile's SIM card activation kit online (it's twice as expensive in stores) and when I finally got it my plan was to simply change the old SIM card for the new one. When I did, the iPhone simply registered "No SIM". Upon restarting, it showed "Searching..." for a bit and then back no No SIM (with a "No SIM card installed" alert). I tried not to panic and thought I needed to activate the SIM card first, so I tried to do so online but it seemed to take too long so…

Transfering among MTA buses (NYC transit)

There's one big limitation not described in the MTA's website about bus-to-bus transfers: you can't transfer into the same bus line. Why would someone want to? How about a quick stop in the store that's on the way home? (e.g. Whole Foods - Houston Street for the M21 bus.)

This is not indicated in the paragraph about "making connections" of the bus riding webpage:
"If you pay your fare with MetroCard, you may transfer free from local bus-to-subway, subway-to-local bus or local bus-to-local bus within two hours of the time you paid your fare. Unlimited Ride MetroCard includes all transfers free of charge..."

Clearly, using the same local bus line twice falls in the bold-ed scenario, but of course, they don't allow it. I find this annoying, why so freaking strict? I really dislike the MTA (too bad shitibike sucks almost as bad).

Inbox Zero - not that smart?

Just a quick thought on inbox 0. The concept of processing email (as opposed to checking it) is interesting however it can very easily just result in a transfer from the inbox folder into other folders:

Notice in the following screen capture how my inbox (left) is being processed down to zero... But my action and on-hold folders (right) are getting full...
p.s. I'm using the multiple inboxes lab to display certain folders on the right side of my email screen.

Not that smart after all... I guess it just depends how you end up using it. My 2c!

Henry St & Grand St citibike station is gone.

Since citibike has no publishing about such changes and since I already called to find out what had happened to the Henry Street & Grand Street station in the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan, I'm writing this blog post.

Apparently and according to the representative that answered my call to 1-855-BIKE-311 (although she initially just confirmed the station was removed, dah - without explanation until I insisted) the station was removed due to a nearby construction which should last up to 6 weeks. Damn, goodbye to a convenient early summer for me (that station was in front of my building).


I also emailed and I was amazed by their hand-wash response:

from:     Jorge Orpinel

Where do you publish information on removing stations, the reason and for how long? I'm a member (ID *****) and want to have this information before hand, not just walk to the location and find no station in sight...

from:     Customer Service
to:     Jorge O…

Google Voice New Number Error... or Intended Blocking?

For all of us getting a There was an error with your request. Please try again  message when trying to obtain a new Google Voice number.

This is the best answer I've found so far in the Google Voice "Support" Group:


lucas carterLevel 1 
Apr 21

I'm trying to get google voice set up, but I keep hitting the same error. I added my mobile phone number as the forwarding number, but then when I got to picking a new number from the list provided (int "Choose your number"), I got:  "There was an error with your request. Please try again."

Best Role/Capability plugin for WordPress: 7 current plugins reviewed

WP 6 native roles come with a basic structure of user control. Not much of an access management scheme for more complex projects. You can add special roles via the wp codex API but this is sort of inefficient and difficult for non-developers.

The one thing many wish WordPress included natively however, would be content-based access. Meaning to restrict arbitrary users from accessing certain content (by category for example). This is not currently possible with the CMS default structure.
Plug-ins! listed from most basic to better/most advanced/most useful (so scroll all the way down for editor's choice)
UREUser Role Editor is a good plugin just to manage roles and capabilities. It doesn't feature any sort of content-based permissions but I'm linking here because a plugin like this one may be used in combination of another one to achieve our purpose of the day... UAMUser Access Manager (not linked because it didn't work as advertised) claims to allow content-based access…

Man Boobs on Google Maps

Here's a guy with floppy jugs on Google Maps: and here's a screenshot:
That's all.

How to show Stereo Mix in Windows 7 for Alienware M11x R2

When you want to record the system sounds directly (not from the microphone) in Windows 7, you need to have "Stereo Mix" in your list of recording devices (right click on the speaker icon on the task bar and choose "Recording devices"). A great application* of this is to record VoIP calls** such as those done on Skype or Google Talk/Google Voice
*You will need a good audio recording application such as Audacity (free).
**Check out this page before recording phone calls to learn about how legal that actually is where you live:

To display the Stereo Mix "device" in an Alienware M11x R2 you need to reinstall the original driver from the manufacturer, since Windows probably already updated the driver to its own version which doesn't support this functionality.

You can get the file here:, the current v…