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Guitar Center Coupons: LIES !!! LIEEES !!!!

Fucking lies actually... GC douchebags give out shiny coupons and then EXCLUDE virtually ALL THE BRANDS from the promotions! just check this Ocober 2010 examples:

"OCTOBER SAVINGS KIT 10% off" excludes Fender, Gibson, Tech 21, Vox, Marshal... You name it !!!

"ROCKTOBER $30 off" whatever dude same crap lying bastards !

Never buy from GC its worst than sweetfuckinwater. Recently they actually stole my money on a return that was NEVER refunded to me. Why do I keep believeing in them??? Yust GOT O THEIR STORES AND USE EVERYTHING HAVE NO MERCY SCRATCH IT WEAR IT POWER OFF THE TUBE AMPS WITHOUT LETTING THEM COOL DOWN they deserve it.