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PyDev SQL Alchemy: Unresolved variable from import

Does anyone know how to make PyDev builder in Eclipse (does it use ant? anyway) recognize sqllchemy's improvements? For example:

I have a model where I declare a table variable, a Table class, I map them together, and noy any t=Table() will have variables and methods such as query and delete() ... However the IDE will mark those as "Unresolved variable from import" ... Kindda nagging me a bit.

Winamp Remote Play item in Media Library

If you don't see the Remote Media element in your Media Library, if it simply doesn't show... U're probably swearing and cursing Winamp, naturally. Where the hell is Remote Media?!?!

To make it appear, however, simply download this file [ml_orb.dll] and copy it in your Winamp Plugins folder! (i.e. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins)

Next time you open Winamp you'll see the Remote Media link. As you see this is completely separate from the Winamp Remote installation.