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Google Voice New Number Error... or Intended Blocking?

For all of us getting a There was an error with your request. Please try again  message when trying to obtain a new Google Voice number.

This is the best answer I've found so far in the Google Voice "Support" Group:


lucas carterLevel 1 
Apr 21

I'm trying to get google voice set up, but I keep hitting the same error. I added my mobile phone number as the forwarding number, but then when I got to picking a new number from the list provided (int "Choose your number"), I got:  "There was an error with your request. Please try again."

Best Role/Capability plugin for WordPress: 7 current plugins reviewed

WP 6 native roles come with a basic structure of user control. Not much of an access management scheme for more complex projects. You can add special roles via the wp codex API but this is sort of inefficient and difficult for non-developers.

The one thing many wish WordPress included natively however, would be content-based access. Meaning to restrict arbitrary users from accessing certain content (by category for example). This is not currently possible with the CMS default structure.
Plug-ins! listed from most basic to better/most advanced/most useful (so scroll all the way down for editor's choice)
UREUser Role Editor is a good plugin just to manage roles and capabilities. It doesn't feature any sort of content-based permissions but I'm linking here because a plugin like this one may be used in combination of another one to achieve our purpose of the day... UAMUser Access Manager (not linked because it didn't work as advertised) claims to allow content-based access…

Man Boobs on Google Maps

Here's a guy with floppy jugs on Google Maps: and here's a screenshot:
That's all.