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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2013

Change user email on local Wordpress instance (without verification)

For those wondering how to skip the vrification process when you try to change your own (or possibly other) users' email address on a local wp instance -- when it reads "email change request pending" in your profile page: depending on your machine/server/php/network config, the emails may not be being sent, so the solution is simply to go in the database. Change the address directly from wp-users. Voila!

The "Tech" People

I can't help to have mixed feelings when people use the term "tech" guy, person, team, etc etc with regards to technology specialists of any sort --in my case software, often web dev. Do people mean only to use it as an abbreviation, to shorten pronunciation time? Are they simply confused about the correct and complete way to refer to different kinds of technical or technological professions? Or is it actually a strange and derogatory suggestion?

I think some people, probably insecure about their lack of knowledge with technology, find the term tech a convenient reduction of technologist because "tech." is an ambiguous abbreviation of both /technolog(y|ist)/ and /technic(al)/ (those are regexes, not phonemes). First of all, there's absolutely nothing belittling about technical professions, that's some sort of self re-assuring 19th century miss-conception of the social value of crafts and guilds. However there is a relevant difference between the usage …