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SSG Carriers at War 1, 2 and War construction Kit Free Download

I have found impossible to find the original CAW games and expansion so I installed from my old 3.1 Disketes and uploaded the installed directory to this zip file here:


Just unzip somehwere and play from there executing the CAW.BAT and CREATE.BAT files. You probably need an old Windows compatibility mode or a virtual machine with windows 95 or just MS DOS.

Note: I understand this software to be free of licence.

Cargo Bridge Game Tips for Optimality - Levels 7 to 12

This is the continuation of the Walkthgough, Game Guide and Game Tips for the Cargo Bridge Flash game. The first part of this Game Guide can be found here:

The Suspension Bridge

Nowhere in the game levels have I yet found a place to build a proper suspended bridge. Not even a cable-stayed. Nowhere but the chalenge. check out this beautiful 25m all-wood bridge!

Levels 7 to 12

In this new section we will need some more knowledge about building bridges. This time from Please check it out to find out about cantilever spans, types of trusses, and other advanced patterns (which will be impossible to replicate in the game but are interesting however).

And don't forget that here is the link to PLAY the original GAME - full screen!

Level 7 - at 45º

Don't feel the inclination. In fact, it will make things easier because the cargo never really places all of it's weight on the bridge. If your bridge…

Cargo Bridge Game Tips for Most Optimal Structures - Levels 1 to 6

This is a Walkthrough, a Game Guide and also has nice Game Tips. The solutions I'm about to share with you are based on real engineering knowledge I have researched online (and the basic knowledge I have from 1 year of architecture studies). Theoretical models are presented and then stripped down to the most minimalistic designs to achieve optimal levels of cost VS stress resistance. I trust these tips will be very useful and eye-opening.

Play the game here

LEVELS 1 - 6

First of all, check out to have the same theoric background. We will be using the Girder, Truss, Rigid Frame or "rahmen", and the Arc. Cable Stayed and Suspension bridges can't be built yet in these levels.

Level 1 (tutorial) & the Double Lever design

This is the most simple bridge design there can be for gaps requiring more than 1 segment. You'll be surprised how useful this design will be during the whole game. The particular bridge on th… en mantenimiento

¿Qué rayos? ¿Quién se creen? No pueden estar en mantenimiento 3 días. Espero que me acumulen los combates de todos esos días porque tengo algunas cuentas que saldar.

si quieren retarme cuando todo esto del "mantenimiento" termine soy jjoopp y si están de acuerdo que no debería tardar tanto un mantenimiento porque empezamos a perder la paciencia, pero mágicamente todo funciona de nuevo muy pronto, ataquen a Kristof3 que es un encargado del sitio!!!!

Otro jueguito muy divertudo es este:



Why doesn't Bluehost support SVN?

They actually actively shut down svn server processes (svnserve) from their servers.

But over what service agreement do they hold the right to prevent users from running svn on their accounts? If you check Bluehost TOS (terms of service) at, you won't find anything about ssh or linux account accepted usage and limitations, thus leaving Bluehost prohibitions to free interpretation. However, what you will find is pieces of text assuring its clients that Bluehost has the intention to satisfy all of their reasonable needs:

1. 03. "BlueHost.Com intends to provide the best possible web hosting service to each of its Subscribers. BlueHost.Com is also dedicated to staying abreast of new and available technologies that will better serve our Subscribers." ...

New tech. yeah right, what about full VERSION CONROL? Bluehost users have been begging for svn support for years now, and the technology isn't even that new anymore.

7. 01. "What "Unlimited&qu…