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From Manhattan to JFK airport for $2.25 and Fast

Traveling from JFK to Manhattan (or Vice Versa) has never been really easy even if willing to pay whatever is necessary. (scroll down to "The Answer" to skip the preamble)

A taxi will be a good $40 plus tip (even to Brooklyn or Queens).
There's also the train from Penn Station (or Brooklyn's Atlantic Ave) to Jamaica (about $7), then AirTrain ($5).
Of course there's also the long subway wide to wither Jamaica or Howard Beach ($2.25) and then the AirTrain ($5) [this is the most common suggested route as you can see here]

However, hidden at plan sight (and very suspiciously unadvertised  is a mean to get to/from the airport to Manhattan (or anywhere else in the city, Brooklyn being the easiest borough to access this way) for only the cost of a public transport ride. $2.25 !

There are 3 bus lines that hit JFK at. The Q3 goes deep into Queens so the locals in that area should know how to use it! The B15 does …