Cargo Bridge Game Tips for Optimality - Levels 7 to 12

This is the continuation of the Walkthgough, Game Guide and Game Tips for the Cargo Bridge Flash game. The first part of this Game Guide can be found here:

The Suspension Bridge

Nowhere in the game levels have I yet found a place to build a proper suspended bridge. Not even a cable-stayed. Nowhere but the chalenge. check out this beautiful 25m all-wood bridge!

Levels 7 to 12

In this new section we will need some more knowledge about building bridges. This time from Please check it out to find out about cantilever spans, types of trusses, and other advanced patterns (which will be impossible to replicate in the game but are interesting however).

And don't forget that here is the link to PLAY the original GAME - full screen!

Level 7 - at 45º

Don't feel the inclination. In fact, it will make things easier because the cargo never really places all of it's weight on the bridge. If your bridge is straight enough (or even better slightly convex) and it supports itself, it should work. So we could do an extended truss bridge like this: cover the 13m at 45% span with $730 bucks. But then again a more optimal solution would resemble something like this:

This bridge was $614. It is some sort of arch with extra support from a small web on the upper extreme (sorry about the distorted image).

Note: From here on I havn't got the time to explain each solution so I'm just uploading the images in the meantime.

Level 8: Tricky, very tricky

20.1 meters





Level 9 - Lame



Level 10 - Finally something cool

Both for $1521

Level 11 - Not so Mean



Level 12 - Weirdo



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