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Google Chrome - Una Pobre Propuesta

Instalé google Chrome de manera rápida y sencilla. El programa se ejecuta rápido sobre Windows XP (la única ventaja hasta ahora sobre mi otro navegador) y tiene una apariencia minimal y fácil.

Me pregunto ¿Cuál es la idea? Obviamente competir con IE7 y 8, pero: ¿qué más? OK es de fuente abierta... ¿de verdad habrán valientes que se enofquen a aportar al recien nacido mundo OS del Chrome cuando Mozilla tiene tanto en quá basarse ya?

Me desepciona que Google se haya limitado a competir con Microsoft usando las mismas bases: diseño gráfico y una incomprobable buena usabilidad (aunque aun así lo recomendaría mil veces antes que IE porque seguramente respeta los estándaes de la web más que el análogo de Microsoft). Con este enfoque tal vez compita con IE pero dudo que lo haga con Firefox cuyo uso continua creciendo y cuyas extensiones facilitan tanto la navegación web.

Y en cuanto al desarrollo web: veo muy distante el día en que pueda deshacerme de mi zorra de fuego con sus web developer, firebug, validadores XML & CSS y demás herramientas que me facilitan tanto el trabajo.


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sqlalchemy ProgrammingError can't adapt type numpy.float64 - Python troubleshooting

Are you getting a

sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) can't adapt type 'numpy.float64'

It's because psycopg (psycopg2) - which is used inherently by SQL Alchemy but if you're just dealing directly with alchemy you might not know this - has no idea how to make the numpy.core.numerictypes.float64 (complete type path: another thing they don't tell you) a string for SQL querying.

Simple solution, add:

# solution by Jorge Orpinel found at rehalcon.blogspotcom
import numpy
from psycopg2.extensions import register_adapter, AsIs
def addapt_numpy_float64(numpy_float64):
return AsIs(numpy_float64)
register_adapter(numpy.float64, addapt_numpy_float64)
somewhere in the program.

For a more complete reference of the problem see

I don't git it.

A lot of people praise git. I liked it at first, now I don't geet it.

Some weird stuff I've found in git, in no particular order:

You can pretend to be anyone. Just change your [user] name and email in .git/config and commit away. As long as when you push you use valid credentials, the commits will be recorded as from someone else. (At least this is possible on GitHub, I know git doesn't implement any specific user access control.)
* I guess you could try to enforce signing commits but as anything besides the basics, that gets pretty complicated on git.Steep learning curve that keeps getting steeper. Ok: git init, git add, git rm -r, git commit -am, git remote add, git fetch, git merge -ff, git push and pull -u of course, git checkout -b, git reset --mixed, git revert HEAD ... Those are just some of the basics... Ever tried to incorporate git subtree pull -P prefix --squash > into your workflow? I have, it's not fun (keep reading).Its super complicated to collaborate…

How to Book Airbnb in Cuba

Currently (January 2016), you can only book a casa particular through Airbnb from the USA (not even from Cuba itself). Payment has to be made with a US-based method as well. The process however, is not as simple as with any other places they offer listings in. In fact you're not really supposed to book there unless you're a "licensed US traveler", but you still can ;)

Here are some important tips after having to figure all this myself -- which would've been hard without writing/speaking Spanish, I recon. The truth is either in Spanish or English, the info. about this topic is extremely lacking out there... UNTIL NOW

In Cuba you can't just put your house up for Airbnb! Only government permitted bed-n-breakfast (arrendador divisa, see right figure) didn't help create a new market it Cuba like in other parts of the world, it just helps people in the US (for now) find these places without having to pay an expensive guide on-the-ground to plan the entire tri…