Fear, terror, obsessive thoughts (I can’t stop thinking about something), fear of dying or other death-related thoughts. Nothing makes sense, nothing matters. Am I going crazy? No! You’re not nuts, you’re O.K.

The most important thing is for you to tranquilize: relax. But that’s not easy. For starters call somebody if you think you might need help even if you’re not sure, dial 911 or other emergency phone; just do it, it won’t hurt. You’ll feel better right away when you share the burden. Breathe in deep and let the air out slowly, that will pace your heart. Get out of the building; don’t deny what’s going on. I assure you that you can feel better, remember you have felt better! This is not the end.

Most probably you’re simply very anxious. This means you’re nervous system has become weak temporarily and the stress or repressed emotions have got to you all of a sudden so you don’t recognize what you’re feeling. It’s all O.K. really; it’s all in your head. YOU’RE NOT ALONE, this has happened to millions of us but it’s a taboo topic so lots of ignorance still prevail. In any case there are many persons who can help you.

This is what happened: during your anxiety attack adrenaline was liberated in your body making you extra aware of everything in and out of your body. You’re super tense in your muscles and might be trembling. Your heart might be beating rapidly, with taquicardia but it will resist so don’t worry (it can go on like that for weeks). Maybe you feel you can’t breathe normally but it’s not true and you might over ventilate trying to breathe, thus causing dizziness. Your stomach is probably altered and you’ll be nauseous and gassy. It’s all known. But it’s vital that you get help anyway or at least human support and company.

This short post was made with the intention to help people who are having anxiety attacks and looking online for answers in that moment. I hope it helped and look for specialized help, this is more common than you’d imagine J Don’t lose hope life is strong.

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