A true solution for hispanic immigration into the USA?

I recently found this book http://www.amazon.com/Immigration-Solution-Better-Plan-Todays/dp/1566637600 whitch is very well written btw.

There is only 1 problem with the proposal to welcome skilled immigration instead of the poor uneducated people who tend to flock from Mexico and other countries. Latinamerican people with higher education ofter rather stay in their home countries as Latin countries have very classist societies where the few educated live with incredible preferences over the most prone to emmigrate mayorities due to corurpted governments and corporations.

The sad part is the the USA government has for decades encouraged the status quo of these countries for political conveniency, sometimes even interveening militarily into those such as Chile, Argentina, Panamá where thousands have died, been torture or disapeared.

A more comprehensive aproach to the problem of immigration is needed to encompass a true possible solution but I believe such aproach is again invonvenient, not for the people of the USA but for its government, so It will be avoided officially.

For instance in Mexico, USA government has allways supported the corrupted leaders who renew their power every 6 years with fraudulent elections. It's the big corporations in the USA who find very attractive the corruption of the mexican govenrment so that they can take hold of this country's national assets, such as Oil, Railways and Telecom (to name only a few of the ones already privatized over these corporative interests and unsobereign influences,) for economic convenience.

Will the larger USA public truly want to see the whole of this problem? Will they find easy to hear that the USA govenrnment has actively helped to mantn poor and uneducated Latinamerican majorities? I doubt it. And I believe it is very dangerouse to use the old racist and hate argument against "hispanic" when most people in the USA don't even know what that world realy means for the history of the country (Spanish settlers were the first european to inhabit the country). Ignorance, irrational hate and racism are a perfect recepy for disaster, war, and genocide.

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