The "Tech" People

I can't help to have mixed feelings when people use the term "tech" guy, person, team, etc etc with regards to technology specialists of any sort --in my case software, often web dev. Do people mean only to use it as an abbreviation, to shorten pronunciation time? Are they simply confused about the correct and complete way to refer to different kinds of technical or technological professions? Or is it actually a strange and derogatory suggestion?

I think some people, probably insecure about their lack of knowledge with technology, find the term tech a convenient reduction of technologist because "tech." is an ambiguous abbreviation of both /technolog(y|ist)/ and /technic(al)/ (those are regexes, not phonemes). First of all, there's absolutely nothing belittling about technical professions, that's some sort of self re-assuring 19th century miss-conception of the social value of crafts and guilds. However there is a relevant difference between the usage of* and concept behind the terms technical and technological.
* Because actually, there's not a substantial formal difference: dictionary definitions seem to be circularly referencing among all these terms, except in the case of technique which may relate to artistic performance.

Technology, that which relates to the practical application of knowledge (science, engineering), is in my humble opinion one of the most important expressions and achievements of culture itself; the culmination of organized, often large-scale research and development. New technologies change history, they can affect lifestyle, architecture, arts, politics, or just about any other aspect of civilization that you can think of. Science and technology are in fact, I believe, the only human endevour that may offer our race a chance to

So for those of you who are actually insecure about technology and who prefer to (not) handle it by negating its value and that of all professions around it: My suggestion is that you throw away your snobby attitude and start learning, or at least be more humble about your ignorance, and grateful for our help. That is of course, if you want us to actually do any of the work you absolutely need instead of going online to blog about you for hours :B

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