NYC's MTA Subway Recovery Map Confusing and Misleading

Posted today (Nov. 3rd) on the right column of, the MTA supposed Subway Recovery Map which is dated for today, contradicts the service descriptions on the left column of the same page! (And Google's transit map, which is actually correct)

UPDATE: They changed it. I swear. They changed the map now. Before it had several more lines running even between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Sneaky!

Supposed restored service map
clearly marked "As of November 3"

I personally prefer to see a map than read each line's description so I think it was pretty safe to assume this map reflected today's service, not tomorrow (or whenever, not even that being clear - when this map will be in effect). So I went down to the 8 St NYU station only to discover there's no service there at all.

Well done MTA, disinform your customers ONE MORE TIME, during the already freaking adverse conditions in New York City left by Sandy and when its 0 degrees (Celsius) and windy as well outside. Great!

--- BY THE WAY: ---

Why is the MTA starting to charge for this incredibly reduced service? What a damn robbery! Its not my fault that you're flooded, you (MTA) are certainly not responsible for my own losses, why do I have to pay for yours too?

To hell with the MTA. I love my bicycle.

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