Tips for Flight Control (by Firemint) for iPhone/iPod Touch

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Tips & Tricks for Flight Control

This is a very addictive game for us with obsessive-compulsive tendencies... And also a great touch-screen trainer...

Basic rules of thumb:
*Use straight lines as much as possible - to runway start points, all of the aircrafts can do close angle turns! We all know that straight lines are the shortest (ant thus fastest) paths from a point to another [Tell that to Quantic Physicists]
* "Fast dodges slow" - Faster planes see other vehicles almost as rocks to get around, don't bother drawing paths to avoid faster aircrafts because its much harder to predict where they'll be.

I'll go over some of the game's possible achievements (the hard ones) and how to make them happen:


*Trick: fly over runways without thinking about possible collisions with landing planes, these fade as fast as they hit the runway start lines from the correct direction.
*Trick: "click and hold" an aircraft to mantain it stil (up to 10? absolutelly immovile flies!)

( + Thought about ranking-stats )

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