Do I get the nutrients I need from a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet?

Only if its a properly planned diet! Check out the end of this text for 3 very useful links!

Some diet planning is necessary to be sure about nutritive vegan diets... "Complete" proteins and specific vitamins are some of the main challenges to face. Vitamin supplements are not rare for vegans either, after all they can't harm you.

Do I get the nutrients I need from a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet?

Yep. But how about the people who are lactose intolerant (many Latin-Americans like myself - I recommend almond milk BTW) or have conditions such as gastritis or colitis, or even food allergies? Well true vegans don't include any animal byproduct in their diet anyhow and they can get the nutrients. But as for people who can't really eat grains (they produce gas), tofu, soy or gluten for other problems, maybe a more flexetarian diet bay be in order.

In general people don't need animal products to have a full nutrition, although some of these products and sometimes meat do make things easier. However animal consumerism is completely out of control! We certainly don't need THAT MUCH meat/eggs/milk/cheese/butter/etc... They're just part of our food cultures by now. But that will change gradually.

I recommend looking into Indian and vegetarian Chinese food for beginners in America/Europe mostly. The Mediterranean diet is also very rich in oil and grains, among other veggie goodies and a few tweaks can turn it into a great vegan style.

Some great resources can be found in these 3 links (which represent the major Google-searches about the topic):
I wish I knew more about the subject. I hope this helps :)

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