Only constant of the FIFA World Cup 2010: Poor Refereeing!

Just a short comment this time

The USA (the "stolen" goal), Mexico (vs Argentina - the ultra clear unmarked off-side), England (vs Germany - another stolen goal!), and Portugal (vs Spain - the WTF red card) all suffered from the worst FIFA referees in years... 

I think in neither case was the poor refereeing decisions decisive for the matches’ final results (except probably with the USA) but taking morals into consideration they might very well have been. ..Mexico and England most notably, lost their patience soon in the game and ended up being trampled upon... And maybe, just maybe, that extra man lost to Portugal could have produced a tie.

Whatever... FU FIFA!!!

PS: Plus the damn FIFA official site videos are mega-slow to load, tonight they're not even working! Lets not buy their products, such as the following games:


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  1. Argentina: se lo merecen! Perdieron 4:0 contra Alemania. Ni gol de dignidad tuvieon ja! Al menos México metió 1. Argentina no sabe ganar sin mal arbitraje. Son buenos, mejores que México, pero demasiado tramposos. Lo siento no están a la altura. Gracias Alemania :)