Guitar Center Coupons: LIES !!! LIEEES !!!!

Fucking lies actually... GC douchebags give out shiny coupons and then EXCLUDE virtually ALL THE BRANDS from the promotions! just check this Ocober 2010 examples:

"OCTOBER SAVINGS KIT 10% off" excludes Fender, Gibson, Tech 21, Vox, Marshal... You name it !!!

"ROCKTOBER $30 off" whatever dude same crap lying bastards !

Never buy from GC its worst than sweetfuckinwater. Recently they actually stole my money on a return that was NEVER refunded to me. Why do I keep believeing in them??? Yust GOT O THEIR STORES AND USE EVERYTHING HAVE NO MERCY SCRATCH IT WEAR IT POWER OFF THE TUBE AMPS WITHOUT LETTING THEM COOL DOWN they deserve it.

Slow Start Menu Solution (Windows XP)

This might possibly work for other Windows versions.
I finally found the solution to the crappy start menu taking forever to load submenus! Thank you Phancy who pointed out to this solution in You're a genious!

Simply delete EVERY F***N desktop.ini file in ALL start menus that affect you (wait there's more than 1? Yes, the beautiful complications of Microsoft developments). HOW? It can get tricky if you're a novice user, here the step-by-step guide:

0. You should know Windows (XP at least) keeps your start menu in the C:\Documents and Settings\[Username] foder. "C" can change depending on which drive letter is assigned to the drive or partition from where Windows is running. Obviously, [Username] is to be changed by YOUR user name, ie "Patrick" (shold be your Windows screen name used at the home screen if you use that. BUT there's also an "All Users" folder in here that ALSO affects you (and all users) so make sure to apply these changes to both these folders.

1. Go into the User folder (do this twice [at least], for "All Users" and for you [Username] folder) and locate the "Start Menu" folder. eg C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu

*Ahh theres yet another trick, the desktop.ini files we're after are hidden! To show these files go into the "Folder Options..." entry in the "Tools" menu in the explorer window, then chose the "View" tab and find the "Hidden files and folders" branch in the advanced settins list. Make sure the "Show all hidden files and folders" option is checked.

2. You have to browse manually the whole tree-structure of the "Start Menu" folder (meaning go into every possible subfolder systematicaly) and delete the translucent "desktop.ini" files!

That should do it. Enjoy a fast-loading start menu again :)


Installing Arch Linux on a Virtual Box (vs MS Virtual Machine 2007)

I wanted a simple way to run Linux on my Windows XP machine. I don't love Windows but I'm used to it and it does have some advantages, however that's not the point. At some time in one's career in IT one needs Linux (possibly to learn POSIX OS) and Cygwin doesn't quite cut it, especially if one has not much previous Linux experience...

Few Resources ?

I only have 1GB RAM and a few GB left on my HD so a light Linux is indeed in order for my situation. So I wanted a Linux distro with no GUI or visual Desktop Environment - it figures, since true Linux power comes in the shell "command-line" terminal - , and as well documented and easy to install as possible. Thus ArchLinux (which has a guide to install, plus a beguinners guide which walkes you through the install and setup processes and explains basic Linux workings) and its precompiled binary distribution for i686 resulted optimal from my PoV. Fianlly and accounting for the need of simplicity, pacman, the package manager program that comes with Arch (similar to apt-get [Debian, Ubuntu], yum [Fedora], or zypper [openSUSE]) installs many binaries officially supported by and the Arch community.

MS VM 2007 vs VBox

I originally setup a 512MB RAM "Other OS" VM on MSVM07 which can be downloaded free from MS. It worked and all but its slower than VBox, and it freezes sometimes beyond hope of state-recovery. The only advantage of MS Virtual Machine 2007 is native text copy-paste into the Linux terminal. I don't undersand why VBox doesn't have it... However, a very basic feature: audio, did not work for me.

*NOTE: When installing a virtual machine, the hardware it detects is whatever the host program (ie MSVM or VBox) exposes to it. These 2 programs in question have virtual hardware which shuold work with generic Linux drivers. For example, worrying about WiFi is unnecessary since the net adapter exposed by the hosts acts as a physical cable even if you're actually connected through your air port. Sound and Video should work out-of-the-box in that case! 3D video acceleration may be an exception.

My Virtual Box (non-commercial licence but not the OSE edition) "Arch-Linux" machine with the same amount of RAM may sometimes die due to insuficcient RAM but the state gets saved automatucally and the program warns about it. VBox has many more features than VM in terms of customizing your virtual computer, sound works for me, plus its Guest Additions are available for Linux (and also for Arch in its [community] package repositories). MSVM is out of the competition at this point.

Arch Install Notes

There's 2 ways to install Arch (download here), get a 400MB+ iso image with all the basic packages or a 160MB net-install iso to download all the packages during the install process. The netinstall failed once for me when I left the VBox inactive for a while, something went wrong mounting the linux setup files (/etc). Then again it could possibly happen to the full installer I assume. The advantage of a net install is, despite being slower and depending on an active Internet connection, that you automatically get the newest packages from the online repos, plus you'll have them in the pacman cache in case you need to downgrade later. Full install CDs normally come with slightly old package databases and no pkg cache remains from those original install pacs.

Arch Setup
Things you may want to do after installing:

* Install sudo if you haven't.
* Setup audio if you haven't.
* Install bash-completion (sudo, pacman, others [eg ls or externals, hg])
   - also check out the command history search customization and other bash/readline tips & tricks!

* setup a color prompt

... more comming soon

Other useful links:
arch packages "pacman"
postgresql setup
usb drives
* first, setup the captured usb drives in VBox and activate to find /dev/sdb (assuming usb-storage kernel module is loaded [others may be needed, use MOD_AUTOLOAD="yes" in /etc/rc.conf]) * no need to automount... works with /etc/fstab
linux in general

World in Conflict Patches and CD Security bypass

World in Conflict has been one of the best recent stategy war games in the last years. I love the camera movement specially, although it takes some time to master.

Anyway, I got a (try-before-you-buy) version from thepiratebay [I recommend uTorrent as torrent client]. I only downloaded the original WiC 1.0 without Soviet Attack, but these files work for the expansion as well.

1. You´ll need the crack / fix to bypass SecuROM (flt-wic rar file) in either case. If you installed Wic + SA all-in-one skip to 4.

2. Then apply the 1st patch (get it from somewhere else [this is an official game release patch]) to the installation

3. Proceed to install Soviet Attack (the expansion)

4. Apply 2nd game patch (get it elsewhere)

Enjoy :)

Pickling a function defined interactively in Ipython doesn't work

Ipython's __main__ module is a "FakeModule" the ipython developers created to fix some bugs early in the otherwise very very useful package. So don't be scared if your user-defined top level (__main__) functions can't be pickled in ipython, the code will work when pickling other top lever module functions, only not the ones in __main__ defined interactively. OR simpy use the plain old python interactive console from command line.


Only constant of the FIFA World Cup 2010: Poor Refereeing!

Just a short comment this time

The USA (the "stolen" goal), Mexico (vs Argentina - the ultra clear unmarked off-side), England (vs Germany - another stolen goal!), and Portugal (vs Spain - the WTF red card) all suffered from the worst FIFA referees in years... 

I think in neither case was the poor refereeing decisions decisive for the matches’ final results (except probably with the USA) but taking morals into consideration they might very well have been. ..Mexico and England most notably, lost their patience soon in the game and ended up being trampled upon... And maybe, just maybe, that extra man lost to Portugal could have produced a tie.

Whatever... FU FIFA!!!

PS: Plus the damn FIFA official site videos are mega-slow to load, tonight they're not even working! Lets not buy their products, such as the following games:


PS3                      XBox360              Wii                      PSP

Mi disco "Por fin soy Cool" en

Bueno no sé si se llama así, son una bola de canciones rokosas que grabé en 2008 en la escuela de música ararat. Se transmiten mis rolitas y una super entrevista que me hicieron también hace poco a horas desconocidas, se cicla el contenido diariamente por ahora así que salen bastante esas rolas :)

Ir a Ecoo Radio!

Click on that link to hear my music (maybe since its programed at unknown times) on EcooRadio online streaming station.

PyDev SQL Alchemy: Unresolved variable from import

Does anyone know how to make PyDev builder in Eclipse (does it use ant? anyway) recognize sqllchemy's improvements? For example:

I have a model where I declare a table variable, a Table class, I map them together, and noy any t=Table() will have variables and methods such as query and delete() ... However the IDE will mark those as "Unresolved variable from import" ... Kindda nagging me a bit.

Winamp Remote Play item in Media Library

If you don't see the Remote Media element in your Media Library, if it simply doesn't show... U're probably swearing and cursing Winamp, naturally. Where the hell is Remote Media?!?!

To make it appear, however, simply download this file [ml_orb.dll] and copy it in your Winamp Plugins folder! (i.e. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins)

Next time you open Winamp you'll see the Remote Media link. As you see this is completely separate from the Winamp Remote installation.


NYC, NJ and other Tri-State train maps (Google Map)

Im building a NJT (New Jersey Transit) train, PATH, light rail + other, Amtrack, MTA Metro North and LIRR around NYC in my search for places to rent nearby the city at better prices.

See NJ Trains around NYC in a larger map

I can't believe noone did this before! I mean, Google Maps has the stations but not the lines chowing how they connect, as it does have for the MTA subway.

I also have a MTA subway map showing only express lines 3 stops away from Manhattan Penn Station, since this is where most trains arrive at in New York City:

Ver NYC Express Lines from Penn Station en un mapa más grande

*The small yellow houses indicate areas of possible rent interest

sqlalchemy ProgrammingError can't adapt type numpy.float64 - Python troubleshooting

Are you getting a

sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) can't adapt type 'numpy.float64'


It's because psycopg (psycopg2) - which is used inherently by SQL Alchemy but if you're just dealing directly with alchemy you might not know this - has no idea how to make the numpy.core.numerictypes.float64 (complete type path: another thing they don't tell you) a string for SQL querying.

Simple solution, add:

# solution by Jorge Orpinel found at rehalcon.blogspotcom
import numpy
from psycopg2.extensions import register_adapter, AsIs
def addapt_numpy_float64(numpy_float64):
return AsIs(numpy_float64)
register_adapter(numpy.float64, addapt_numpy_float64)

somewhere in the program.

For a more complete reference of the problem see

surveysavvy sucks

Survey Savvy Review: It Sucks!

Its this website where you fill those surveys and they give you like $1 dollar for the whole thing that will probably take you like an hour to complete.

The worst part is that theyre a bunch of tricky bastards, in every survey there is a "screening" part where your eligibility is decided however now a days the whole survey is a screening apparently and surveysavvy doesn't care that the survey makers are taking advantage of the fillers by screening them out at the very end after much work just because they didn't match the criteria.

Ant this is supposed to be the best survey website... My advise: just get a job